About the Colorado Trigeminal Neuralgia Clinic

The Colorado Trigeminal Neuralgia Clinic is committed to working with your physician, dentist, neurologist, and other medical professionals to ensure you are properly diagnosed and treated for trigeminal neuralgia or other facial pain. Our team consists of a neurosurgeon, neurologists and pain management specialists, allowing us to assess all potential causes and solutions of facial pain. Led by Dr. J. Adair Prall, a neurosurgeon nationally renowned for his expertise in trigeminal neuralgia, the Colorado Trigeminal Neuralgia Clinic provides patients with unparalleled service, diagnosis, and trigeminal neuralgia treatment. The clinic also specializes in diagnosing and treating other types of facial pain. Our clinic treats more facial pain cases than any other center in the region, caring for patients from Colorado, Wyoming, western Kansas, and New Mexico. We also are available for consultation on cases throughout the country.

Do not let the pain stand in your way any longer. Give us a call, and we help put a stop to the “shock.”

The Colorado Trigeminal Neuralgia Clinic is an affiliate of Neurosurgery One (formerly South Denver Neurosurgery).


Our office location:


7780 S. Broadway, Suite 350

Littleton, CO 80122