Trigeminal Neuralgia

iStock 000018802712SmallWhether you are dealing with trigeminal neuralgia, trigeminal neuropathy, hemifacial spasm, another cranial neuralgia or have yet to find a diagnosis for your pain, the Colorado Trigeminal Neuralgia Clinic is here to help. We strive to minimize your facial pain while being straightforward and eliminating confusion, helping you to understand all of your options from medications to surgery so that you can make the decision that’s right for you.

When you come to the Colorado Trigeminal Neuralgia Clinic, you can be assured that you will be presented with all of your options. Unlike other neurosurgeons who may treat this condition, our team includes a neurosurgeon, neurologist, and pain management physician who work collaboratively to diagnose your pain and create a treatment plan tailored to your pain and your needs. Don’t give up hope—the Colorado Trigeminal Neuralgia Clinic is here to help.

Under the guidance of Dr. J. Adair Prall, a neurosurgeon renowned nationally for his expertise in trigeminal neuralgia, the Colorado Trigeminal Neuralgia Clinic provides patients in Colorado, Wyoming, Western Kansas, New Mexico and beyond with unparalleled service, diagnosis, and treatment. The clinic also sees and treats other types of facial pain.

Why Choose the Colorado Trigeminal Neuralgia Clinic?

  • We treat more patients than any other clinic in the Colorado and Wyoming and are a leader nationally.
  • Our unique team of a neurosurgeon, neurologist, and pain management expert ensures that patients understand all options and are able to choose the treatment that is right for them.   
  • More than 19 years of neurosurgical experience
  • Nationally renowned expertise in trigeminal neuralgia
  • More than 1,000 trigeminal neuralgia patients treated successfully
  • Performed more than 500 trigeminal neuralgia surgeries, including more radiosurgery and percutaneous rhizotomy procedures than any other neurosurgery practice in the region
  • Initial consultation within five business days of patient contact with our office


Do you have facial pain?

More than a quarter million Americans suffer from an excruciatingly painful problem called trigeminal neuralgia. This jaw pain often is believed to be a dental problem, resulting in unnecessary tooth removal that does not cure the pain. Neurosurgery One's (formerly South Denver Neurosurgery) J. Adair Prall, M.D., is a nationally renowned expert in trigeminal neuralgia. Learn more about trigeminal neuralgia by downloading our FREE guide.