Patient Resources

Neurosurgery One (formerly South Denver Neurosurgery) is committed to providing unbiased information for you to make an educated decision about your back or neck pain and your treatment options. Below are helpful spine surgery resources so you can learn more about back pain, neck pain, and whether or not spine surgery might be right for you.


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For more information about the spine center at Neurosurgery One (formerly South Denver Neurosurgery), download our brochure.








To learn about spine surgery, what other treatments to pursue before considering surgery, and how to choose a spine surgeon, download our free Spine Surgery 101 guide.




To learn more about Spinal Fusion Surgery, why this type of surgery has become popular, and whether you may be a candidate, download our free Spinal Fusion guide.





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Learn more about the SI Joint, what it is, and whether it may be the source of your unresolved back pain by downloading our free guide and assessment form.






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