Types of Cervical Spine Surgery

Cervical Spine Surgery

Surgery is rarely the first option for relieving neck pain. At Neurosurgery One (formerly South Denver Neurosurgery), we carefully evaluate all patients, and provide a range of more conservative non-surgical options before exploring surgery as treatment.

We thoroughly educate each and every patient about the advantages and disadvantages of surgery for your particular condition and for achieving your recovery goals.

When surgery is necessary, it’s important to choose neurosurgeons with the experience necessary to effectively treat your pain, with the procedure appropriate for your particular condition. The expert neurosurgeons at Neurosurgery One perform 300-400 spine surgeries each year — more than many neurosurgeons perform over several years — successfully reducing pain and restoring activity for our patients.

Whenever possible, we use minimally invasive techniques to help you recover faster and with less pain. We also utilize robotic guidance to ensure the highest possible level of accuracy. And we are skilled in a variety of cervical spine procedures, which assures that we can provide the best possible surgical option, and the optimal outcome, for each patient.

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