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The Denver DBS Center is committed to working closely with neurologists and referring physicians, giving you the information and support you need to best meet your patients needs. From white papers to webinars, research to phone consultations, we offer a range of ways to answer your questions and keep you informed on the latest advancements with deep brain stimulation.


Neurosurgeons from Across Country Visit Denver DBS Center for Symposium

On June 19, 2015, neurosurgeons from the University of California San Diego, UC Irvine, University of Colorado, University of Kansas along with neurosurgeons in private practice in Denver and Nebraska attended a symposium led by Dr. David VanSickle, neurosurgeon and founder of the Denver DBS Center, to learn how to perform robotic-guided Asleep DBS. Dr. VanSickle, a board-certified neurosurgeon who currently performs more DBS procedures than any other surgeon in Colorodo, was the first in the world to use the Mazor Renaissance Guidance System during Asleep DBS surgery and recently completed his 50th robotic-guided DBS procedure. The symposium was well received and Dr. VanSickle, along with co-host Dr. Bradley Wallace, would like to thank the attendees for their time.


Dr. David VanSickle (far left), founder of Denver DBS Center, shown here with a group of neurosurgeons who attended a symposium on June 19, 2015 to learn how to perform robotic-guided Asleep DBS.


“Accuracy of Robotic Guided Subthalamic Nucleus Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson’s Disease”

A new white paper written by Denver DBS Center founder, David VanSickle, MD, PhD, highlights the observable and unobservable errors present in traditional microelectrode recording (MER) compared to Mazor Renaissance Guidance System with CereTom CT image verification when conducting deep brain stimulation (DBS). The paper analyzes the various errors present in the guides as well as measurement tools (like MER and MRI), providing sound rationale for the effectiveness and accuracy of Denver DBS Center’s Asleep DBS with Robotics Guidance technique. The Denver DBS Center is first in the world offer Asleep DBS utilizing the Mazor Robotics Renaissance Guidance System.

Download the complete white paper here: