Is DBS for me?

For many patients, the most difficult decision is how long to wait before undergoing surgery. Guidelines for deep brain stimulation (DBS) differ for each condition, but generally patients must have moderate to severe symptoms of their disease, and they must respond well to drug therapies. Doctors commonly recommend that DBS be performed before the patient loses any abilities that may be critical to his/her quality of life.

New research shows that DBS is now effective in earlier stages of Parkinson’s disease. Find out if DBS is right for you.

Benefits of DBS

Am I a candidate?

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Watch a video about DBS and the Denver DBS Center: 



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DBS brochure

Learn how deep brain stimulation (DBS) can help reduce the symptoms

of Parkinson's disease, lead to a decrease in medications, and extend

your life in our new brochure about DBS for Parkinson's disease.