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Information can be empowering, especially when it comes to learning about how deep brain stimulation (DBS) can help you be you again. From research to frequently asked questions, the Denver DBS Center is focused on providing you with the tools to make an educated decision about your future. 

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For more information about the Denver DBS Center, download our brochure.









To learn if DBS may be right for you, download our free eguide about deep brain stimulation.







If you're considering DBS surgery, learn the pros and cons of Asleep versus Awake DBS.




Video: deep brain stimulation and the Denver DBS Center.


Video: watch a Parkinson's disease patient discuss his experience with deep brain stimulation.


Video: watch a young patient who underwent Asleep DBS to treat Parkinson's disease tell her story.


Video: Dr. David VanSickle, of the Denver DBS Center was featured on an episode of The Doctors for treating sisters with severe OCD with deep brain stimulation.














Video: Instructions for patients on how to check your DBS generator battery.